Hi All I’m Seth  I have been writing Music since I was 8 years old.

I’ve been through Many professions but none keep me happy for long. The Only Thing (Other than my Wife and Kids) that I never get tired of is Music.

I’ve always been told to give up on my dreams (and believe me I’ve tried!) But every time i do I just get too depressed to care about life and end up messing up in one way or another!

I’m a Builder (Electrician and Carpenter) by trade but in my heart and soul I know I was put here to make music!

Questions I keep asking myself like..

Did I miss my chance when I was young and stupid?
Do I even have a Chance?

All I want is to be heard

Is that too much to ask?

Anyways I have Created This Website to try make some new friends and maybe get some advice or feedback of what people think of my music if anyone is interested.

I appreciate honest criticism as i am concerned that people might be just saying they like my stuff when they really don’t (My wife says I’m just being paranoid but as I always say “Paranoia is only a bad thing when there is nothing after you… And there is always something after you! {A Quote from a book I started to write when i was younger but never finished…})

I look forward too meeting you ALL!!!!

Please Check Out My YouTube Channel…